What We Do


The Global Sourcing Group specializes in helping companies reduce their costs by 10-50% by outsourcing manufacturing to factories in countries such as China, Vietnam, Mexico and Thailand. Although we specialize in promotional goods, plain and decorated apparel, custom packaging and sports equipment, we also have experience dealing with thousands of other products.

If you have a project in mind, please contact us for our advice, suggestions and a quote. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to place large orders for overseas savings. The category of your project will dictate the size of the order, but we often help distributors save 20-50% over domestic pricing with overseas orders as small as 1000 pieces. We have artists and designers on staff who can help our clients with product design, logo design, virtual samples, etc. Please keep in mind that overseas production generally takes 3-5 weeks. Another 5-7 days for air freight or 25-35 days by boat should be added onto the production time to account for shipping.

Sourcing goods overseas can be an extremely effective way to cut costs for a business. However, product design, finding a manufacturer, material selection, quality control, estimating tariffs and duties, logistics and shipping can cause annoying, and often costly, headaches. That is where the Global Sourcing Group comes in: we will help you avoid all of these problems and deal with any that may arise. With our knowledge and experience, we can set you up with the best manufacturers from around the world, create a high-quality product at the most competitive price, ensure quality and a timely delivery, handle shipping and guarantee a smooth process from start to finish.